In 2014, we decided to create a set of  awards for the UK chilli industry. Having witnessed so many  other awards taking place behind closed doors and charging an entry fee, we wanted to break that mold and let the UK chilli consuming public choose their favourites.  


This is your chance for free to vote for your best Chilli Festival/sauces/product and much more.

Voting for the 2016 awards are now OPEN and closes Midnight 31st December 2016 with results being announce shortly after in the new year.

To Note: Only companies that submitted an application are listed.

Entry was open and free for any professional chilli company to enter at no cost. All winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) receive a prize they can display as they see fit. Winners also receive artwork which they can add to their products if desired. Check out the sub pages to see who won in 2015 & 2014

Statement published 5th Jan 2017

It is with great regret and disappointment that we have to announce that The People’s Choice UK Chilli Awards 2016 is null and void.


We believe the voting website to have been trolled and abused which, in turn, has severely skewed results.


The data has been analysed by both Clifton Chilli Club, the host site and a separate legal counsel in order to assess the issue and we will be investigating this further in order to determine the true source(s).

We want to thank all honest entrants for taking part and we know that this news will be disappointing; an emotion which we share with you. We also want to thank the public who have taken the time to vote for their favourites.


Clifton Chilli Club is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation run by passionate people who want to celebrate the best of the UK chilli scene and beyond. The awards are always run entirely at our cost, in our spare time and with little requirement from entrants other than to complete a simple application form. We feel that it is a great shame that certain individual(s) / companies have chosen to abuse the open voting system in order to dishonestly gain recognition.


We will continue to investigate with appropriate legal assistance. Whilst our investigations continue we hope you appreciate that we will not be able to respond to any questions on this matter or the investigation. Thank you.