When we host the People's Choice Chilli Awards each year, we have a category that invites the chilli-loving public to vote for a person or organisation that have made a significant contribution to the UK chilli industry. There is only one winner each year and they become part of our Hall of Flame. The winners so far are:

Matt owns and runs Simpsons Seeds near Longleat,Wiltshire. His walled garden nursery is home to a vast range of fruits and vegetables with particular focus on the beloved chilli. He preserves an excellent seed bank that can provide keen growers with confidence that the plant will be a genuine strain. During the past couple of years, Matt has worked hard to stabilise the 'Katy' chilli which has become known as the UK's hottest chilli. The nursery is well worth a visit and his shop has a massive amount of chilli seeds to choose from. 

2015 winner: Matt Simpson (Simpson Seeds)
2014 winner: Stuart McAllister (Hot Headz)

Over 20 years ago (before the UK really started waking up to chilli), Stu started Hot Headz as a mail order catalogue with a handful of the best selling American hot sauces. Today he now runs the UK's largest hot sauce website with a vast customer base and an incredible range of chilli products from the very mild to the extremely wild! Stu has been a pioneer for the UK chilli industry and has helped many companies get their products noticed. Rather than sit behind a desk, Stu can still be found out & about at various chilli festivals throughout the UK, chatting with customers & melting faces! Try his Hot Headz 'Who Dares Burns' sauce...we dare you!