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CCC Vs MEATliquor's Triple Chili Challenge

When we heard that MEATliquor were opening a restaurant in our home city of Bristol, we were very excited. We all love our meat, especially when it’s dirty, hands-on, BBQ food. However, when we learnt that MEATliquor had a Triple Chili Challenge on their menu, we just had to get involved…

You can easily find shelter in Bristol on a cold, windy & rainy evening. The many bars, restaurants & coffee shops will happily help you stay warm & dry. MEATliquor was no exception. When we stepped out of the chill, we were given a visual treat from the graffiti walls and surreal backlit art. We drank it in and looked for little gems of art from the contributors who have passed through this cool looking place. Bristol is known for its graffiti (Banksy being the most famous artist from our great city) so the décor was definitely in keeping.

We were soon greeted by Chris the manager. He seemed excited to see us as he knew of Clifton Chilli Club and was keen to have us dine at his place. Frankly, he could not have been more accommodating. He had already offered us lighting to help with our filming efforts (we declined as we have recently invested in a few lighting upgrades which were long overdue) and he had reserved the perfect table for us to shoot the challenge.

We set up, ran a few screen tests (yes, we do that now!) and felt ready to film. Jay & Nick were the two CCC members willing to inflate their stomachs all for the purpose of chilli fun but they both looked a little anxious.

“I was OK up until now!” said Nick with a nervous tone. “Look at all these people who are going to watch!”

Nick had a point. The restaurant was full and our filming gear was hardly inconspicuous. It would have been obvious to anyone in the establishment that we were up to something!

Jay & Nick took their seats & awaited their colossus meal. Neither had prepared to any degree. Both had had lunch and no practise sessions had taken place.

It didn’t take long until the Triple Chili Challenges arrived on the table. A tasty looking Green Chili Burger, a beef chilli loaded hot dog and a dish of chili cheese fries. The meal was enough to feed 3-4 people yet Nick & Jay were about to attempt to eat the lot and in under 10 minutes if the meal was to be free of charge!

Jay started talking to the camera in order to record the introduction to the video and, with all the filming lights in his eyes, he was blissfully unaware of the entire restaurant looking on with intrigue and anticipation.

MEATliquor had employed their services of a chap named Joe who was there to cheer on the boys and give a running commentary to the restaurant. He counted down so that Nick & Jay knew when to start and, on the word “go”, the two boys both started on their burgers with vigour. The other diners cheered, Joe kept up the commentary and the stopwatch kept time.

Want to know how it ended? Did Nick &/or Jay manage to complete the challenge? Watch the video to find out & witness the mayhem!

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