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CaJohns Black Cherry Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce Review

We review and to give it's full name CaJohns Black Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Infused Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce now that we have got the title out of the way we get on to trying this sauce. Here is a little bit about the infusion (from CaJohns): "Infused with Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon Whiskey that has not only been barrel aged for 8 years, but has been added to casks containing black cherries and vanilla beans in CaJohns factory and aged for an additional time. This adds distinctive character to the mellow notes of Chipotle and the sweet sting on the Red Savina Habanero."

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Habanero Chiles, Tomato Paste, Infused Bourbon (Bourbon Whiskey, Black Cherries, Vanilla Beans), Chipotle Chiles, Salt, Spices & Natural Applewood Smoke Flavoring.

Made & available from: CaJohn's Fiery Foods http://cajohns.com Also available in UK/Europe from: Hot-Headz! http://www.hot-headz.com/Cajohn's-Black-Cherry-Vanilla-Bourbon-Infused-Chipotle-Habanero-Hot-Sauce Priced at: USD $9.00 GBP £5.49 (retrospectively) (Price correct at time of publication) Bottle size: 6.8 fl oz (200ml)

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