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Smokin' Ghost Beef Jerky Review

We love beef, we love chilli (obviously!) and we love our snacks, so it's time to combine all 3 and try some Smokin' Ghost Beef Jerky made by Rustic Jerky. Time to chow down to this review where we try a brand new range to us and we are looking forward to seeing how this healthy american style snack meets our opinion and taste.

Ingredients: Beef, Water, Tamari (Gluten free), Worcestershire, Bhut Jolokia peppers, Spices, Red pepper, White pepper & Black pepper.

Priced at: £4.49 Packet size: 50g (price correct at time of publication)

Made and available by: RUSTIC JERKY Use discount code,'cliftonchilli' for a 10% discount when purchasing from Rustic Jerky. (Offer exclusive to Clifton Chilli Club and code valid at the time of this publication/video release (offer on first 10,000 orders or until Rustic Jerky see fit)).

Also available from other selected on line retailers: United Kingdom @ Grim Reaper Foods United Kingdom @ Chilli Wizards Czech Republic @ Hot-Shop Germany / Deutschland at Jerky Shop Slovakia at Susenemaso (Retailers correct at time of publication)

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