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Manda Foods EXTRA HOT Chilli Sauce Review

In this review we get a bottle of EXTRA HOT chili sauce with an Authentic taste of Africa made by Manda Foods. So we pooped into Asda's supermarket as we where recommended to try this sauce from one of our subscribers. So how did we find it, watch on to find out our honest opinion.

Ingredients: Habanero Chilli Puree (54%) (Habanero Chilli (84%), Salt, Acidity Regulator: Acetic Acid), Tomatoes, Water, Onion Powder, Spirit Vinegar, Paprika, Olive Oil, Lime Juice Concentrate (Lime Juice, Sulphate), Spices & Basil.

Interestingly here are the ingredients from 2009 and note the lack of puree which contains the high levels of salt, so this sauce would of tasted totally different a few years ago and now explains why it is so salty. Ingredients: Scotch bonnet and Habanero peppers (50%), Tomatoes, Onions, Salt, Parsley, Zambian mixed spices, Spirit vinegar, Olive oil, Lime juice.

Bottle size: 148ml Priced at: £3.58 (Prices correct at time of publication, prices may vary at different stockists) Made & available from: Manda Foods

Also stocked in many Asda store and other retailers, so please check out the Store finder on Manda Foods website:

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