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Cooking Thai Red Curry in Thailand

We are shown how to make an authentic Thai Red Curry/Soup. Cooked in a real kitchen in Thailand, we get to watch and learn the right way. With fresh ingredients bought from the fresh food street market we return to the kitchen to start cooking up this amazingly simple local dish.

Ingredients (for 1 bowl as seen in this video): 300ml Coconut milk. 1-2 tbsp Thai Red Chilli Paste. 2 x Thai Chilli, sliced diagonally. 250g Chicken thigh fillets (can be made either with Pork, Shrimp or no meat at all), sliced into 3cm (1 1/4in) pieces approx 3mm thick. 8 leaves of Fresh Basil. 1 x Lime leaf (cut in half). 4 x Thai Eggplant (sliced into quarters) See below for more info. 1 1/2 x Long Green bean (sliced into 5 cm long pieces). Chicken powder or 1 x chicken stock cube. 1 tbsp fish sauce. 1 1/2 tbsp white sugar. 1 x Carrot (medium, sliced). 6 x Baby sweetcorn (sliced into quarters). 2 x Florets of Cauliflower (thinly sliced). 2 x tbsp Vegetable oil. Note: There are many slight variations in recipe's, feel free to adjust as you see fit. For example you could add some ginger or Lemon grass. More information about the Thai Eggplant: http://www.thai-food-online.co.uk/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=364

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