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How to make, trap and catch Ladybirds (Ladybugs)

Catch Ladybirds, Ladybugs to put in your greenhouse as a natural predator for Greenfly/ Blackfly (Aphids). Ladybirds will eat and lay eggs on your plants, making a eco system. Natural pest control. We show you how to make a catcher which is easy to make and free. Then how to collect them and finally release into your growing area. Note: We have caught Harlequin ladybirds see video description for more details why! The reason is that these are an invasive species so we catch these ones so when they are confined to the greenhouse thus preventing escape so that we try and reduce the population in the wild. For more information on ladybirds see: http://www.ladybird-survey.org Note different countries will vary as to breeding times and types.

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