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This weekends Chilli Eating Contest at Reading Chilli Festival!

Reading Chilli Festival Chilli Pepper Eating competition held Saturday 17th June 2017, Reading came out to watch this chilli eating contest, the winner wins £50 (approx $70). With a big crowd in support, here's how the contestants got on... Be warned scenes of Vomit! Please note: At 0:39 a deleted scence from further on in the contest appears, this is an edit blooper as we intended it not to be included in the final cut, we have since corrected this and you can enjoy the proper final version on our channel. Contestants: Sid Barber, Roger Farr, Jon Hart. Robin Farr Michael Bibby, Ben Tweddle, Dominic & Michael Lyon.

Thanks to Jon Doody and all the festival crew Reading Chilli Festival

Chillies procured from: Steve from The Chilli Mash Company Dan of the Chilli of the Valley Thanks Dan and Steve :-)

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