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Chilli Polytunnel Vlog Update June 2017

June's update of the chili growing area, with great weather the flowers & pods are coming on strong with lots of chilies. This year we have purchased all our plants from recommended plant sellers. With Tasmainian Habanero, Chocolate Habalokia, Goat Horn, Bhut Jolokia's(Ghost Peppers), Habanero's, Jalapeno's, Ring of Fire, Thai Hot, Super Chilli, Aji Lemon, Fatalii the Carolina Reaper and many more....

Chilli plants purchased from: South Devon Chilli Farm The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company Simpson's Seeds

Polytunnel from: Premier Polytunnels size:10ft x 20ft

#polytunnel #polytunnel #Greenhouse #Growing #allotments #CarolinaReaper #RingofFire #Habanero #chocolate #update #Vlog #June #Padron

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