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Bacon Bad - Chilli Bacon with Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost Pepper

If Bryan Cranston made bacon, this is exactly what he would make. It even includes some Chilli P! This is BAM Food's Bacon Bad.

Bacon: A vegetarian converter, meal enhancer, BBQ essential and all round epic meat. Now, imagine the best bacon with a lining of super-hot chillies. That's Bacon Bad! Made by BAM Food in Devon, this high quality, thick cut bacon promises fire as well as flavour.


Packet size: Each packet contains 200g (approx 5-6 rashers) Priced at: £4.50 (price correct at time of publication)

Ingredients: Pork, salt, demerara sugar, black pepper, bhut jolokia, moruga scorpion, carolina reaper & sodium nitrite.

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