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The Hell Boy Chilli Burger

The Hell Boy burger is made with a sauce that carries Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper (naga / bhut), Habanero chillies and more. It's not for the chili novice but it's darn tasty. Made by The Beefy Boys, this is a simple yet well constructed piece of food & chilli art!

The menu description is also very cool. It reads: "Warning: this isn't a burger, it's an endurance test. It's stupidly spicy. You may think you like spicy food, you don't, not this spicy. If you do order it, don't come crying to us after about how you can't feel your face anymore and it's ruined your day. Don't order it. You won't like it. It's called The Hell Boy for a reason, mainly because that's what your life will become after the first bite. If you want something spicy that is actually enjoyable, order The Rude Boy. If you want to spend the next 24 hours on a roller coaster ride of pain and regret, order The Hell Boy but don't say we didn't warn you." The Hell Boy Burger video by The Beefy Boys: https://youtu.be/jaOmqEqqvEc

If you live in the UK or on vacation in the UK and don't know of The Beefy Boys and their burgers then you are most definitely missing out! Based in Hereford, they have an exciting menu of burgers made with 21 day aged Hereford beef. Not only that, their fries (especially the bacon fries) and sides are equally as awesome.

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