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Chili Eating Contest at the Great Kent Chilli Festival 30th June 2018

10 Brave chilli eaters take on the competitive chilli eating competition at the Great Kent Chilli Festival, only one can win, who can take the heat as each chilli gets hotter and hotter! Will the Carolina Reaper beat them? Watch to find out who wins this challenge.

Winner: Scott B aka instagram scharfmeister-scott Runner up: Kieran Morgan 3rd place:James Jezard

Prize: A chilli hamper containg many luxury chilli products and a crate of beer from: http://olddairybrewery.com/

Chillies procured & bought from: Westland Peppers & The Chilli Mash Company

Big thanks to Matt Dare & Andy Guy for being great chilli handlers. Andy Guy from The Dorset Chilli Shop

Location of festival: Hole Park

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