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Our Top 5 chilli products of 2018!

We are fortunate to try a lot of interesting and exciting chilli products each year. 2018 was no different and full of the good, bad and bizarre. Looking back, these are the top 5 products we tried in 2018. Feel free to check out the videos and even visit the supplier if you’d like to try for yourself…


Number #5

PEACH HABANERO DELIGHT (Tropical Blend) Sauce - Mikey V’s

Available from:

USA: https://www.mikeyvsfoods.com/product-page/peach-habanero

UK: https://www.facebook.com/HotSauceEmporium/

What we liked about it:

A well rounded, fruity sauce that isn’t overly sweet. Big peach flavour on the tongue, a little complex with a Habanero and red pepper back note. Not too hot so that the full flavour comes through. A good dressing and great with white meats and salads.


Number #4

EVIL ONE – Grim Reaper Foods

Available from:

UK: https://www.grimreaperfoods.com/ (Worldwide shipping available)

What we liked about it:

An extract sauce that doesn’t taste of extract! Definitely hot but not a pallet destroyer. Nice and zesty upfront with a good pepper and Scotch Bonnet finish. A little thicker than some pour-on sauces with a great consistency.


Number #3


Available from: www.ooftsauce.com

What we liked about it:

40% Scotch Bonnet! The use of daikon is clever and rounds/mellows the sauce well. Whilst garlic is quite prominent on the nose (not that we don’t like garlic!), the dominant flavour is the classic Scotch Bonnet. The heat is great and doesn’t detract from the balanced profile of the sauce.


Number #2


Available from: https://burningdesirefoods.com/

What we liked about it:

There are very few chilli syrups in the UK so we felt this to be inspired. Big sweet smoke notes on the nose. Immediately sweet quickly followed by the chipotle flavour and heat. A versatile product for both savoury and sweet dishes. Try it on BBQ’d bananas or ribs!


Number #1


Available from:

USA: https://deathnuts.com/

UK: https://www.hot-headz.com/

What we liked about it:

If pain and suffering is your game, then look no further! This isn’t a snack food, this is a challenge for the most hardened chillihead. Well packaged, clear instructions and a fun(?) challenge for anyone who thinks they can endure building and lasting heat. A very memorable experience for us!

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