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Red Habanero Hot Sauce by Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co Review

We review this Red Habanero sauce from the Heartbeat Hot Sauce company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. As seen on the Hot Ones we thought lets get a bottle of this chilli pepper sauce and try it and give you our honest feedback.

Ingredients: Bell Pepper, onion, white vinegar, habaneros, sugar, garlic, lime juice, kosher salt & canola oil.

Made by and available from HEARTBEAT HOT SAUCE co: https://www.heartbeathotsauce.com/collections/sauces/products/heartbeat-hot-sauce-red-habanero Bottle size: 177 ml Priced at: $12:00 CAD (price correct at time of publication)

Also available from (Please note stockists correct at time of publication) : Hot-Headz: https://www.hot-headz.com/Heartbeat-Hot-Sauce/Heartbeat-Hot-Sauce-Red-Habanero Hot Sauce Emporium: https://www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk/shop/hot-chilli-sauces/443/heartbeat-hot-sauce-red-habanero/ Heatonist: https://heatonist.com/products/heartbeat-hot-sauce-habanero?variant=2194473648137 HeatSupply Netherlands: https://www.heatsupply.nl/product/heartbeat-red-habanero-hot-sauce/ https://www.amazon.com

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