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Cider Can Chilli Chicken! Our Beer Can Chicken version BBQ.

Updated: May 24, 2020

The Beer Can Chicken inspired us to make our version. We love our Chili, Cider, Chicken and a good barbeque grill so we've combined all 4 things together and share with you our Cider Can Chilli Chicken. We show you a simple homemade BBQ rub which includes Ghost Pepper, Hot Paprika and more.

We used a new cider from our favourite cider maker here in the west counrty, the Cloudy Lemon Cider made by Thatchers Cider. We have also been on a Thatchers Tour and personnaly experiened,seen how it's made, canned and consumed.

Thatchers: https://www.thatcherscider.co.uk/our-cider/cloudy_lemon/

Weber Grills (UK): https://www.weber.com/GB/en/home/

Weber Grills (USA): https://www.weber.com/US/en/home/

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