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Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate Lollipops from FireBox 🌶🍭🔥🥵

We were sent a packet of 2 x Instant Regret chili chocolate lollipops from Firebox.com. Made infused with 6,400,000 Scoville Heat Units chili extract, we knew we would be in trouble! Did we have instant regret after trying...?

Great balls of fire!

Bag contains two lollies - one for you, one for your equally-crazy pal Lick it, nibble it, suck it if you dare – but can you finish it?

Available from: https://firebox.com/products/instant-regret-lollipops?_pos=2&_sid=407c51fae&_ss=r

WARNING: These lollipops contain a torturous amount of chilli and are likely to cause immense pain. Do not put in direct contact with eyes or sensitive organs. If pain persists, consume as much milk as humanly possible and weep like a baby. Then seek medical advice. Obviously not suitable for children or pets.

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