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Brand Partnerships

Our YouTube channel is incredibly popular with chilli fans around the world. With over 708,000 subscribers and an average of 3.4 million views per month, we have the perfect platform to partner with brands looking to target spice, food and BBQ enthusiasts.

We offer competitive rates and can tailor videos according to requirements. Previous partnerships include:

  • Iceland (Supermarket)

  • Petromax (Grilling & Outdoor Cooking equipment)

  • Dead Man's Fingers (Chilli Rum)

  • ChefsTemp (Cooking Thermometer)

  • Pepper Explosion (Hot sauce website)

  • Frank’s Red Hot (Hot sauce)

  • Psycho Juice (Hot sauces)

  • (Unique gifts)

  • Beer52 (Beer subscription)

  • Fuego Box (US Hot Sauce Subscriptions)

  • Mr. Singh’s (Chilli crisps)


Please contact us to discuss your brand requirements.

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