National Chilli Awards TM

The National Chilli Awards have been created to help recognise the best chilli products available and provide award recipients with an opportunity to showcase their hard work. There are fifteen categories which entrants can submit products against. Each category will have gold, silver and and bronze awards for UK entrants. There will also be a separate International section for each category for non-UK entries.


Entrants can submit up to fifteen products (one per category). The products will then need to be sent to Clifton Chilli Club where they will be held for safe keeping until judging commences. During the judging process, all experienced judges will blind taste each product. No packaging or branding will be disclosed with the exception of the Chilli Product Artwork category. Judging days will take place in Bristol and be completed by the end of February 2022. Awards will be announced very shortly after. All award winners will receive a certificate and digital award artwork which they can apply to their winning products. Multiple gold, silver and bronze awards can be given per category based on the judge's assessments. There will also be one Golden Chilli award for the best of the best entries. UK and International entries will be judged and awarded separately. 


Please read the entry form on this page and select the categories you wish to enter products against. Each category entry costs £20.00 and a maximum of one product per category is permitted, so please ensure you select your best examples for each category you enter. Upon submission and payment, you will be provided with the delivery address to send your products for judging along with accompanying product forms. You will need to submit two samples of each product entered per category. You can enter the same product for different categories but will still need to supply two products per category. All products must carry a Best Before or Use By date that does not expire before March 1st 2022. All products must state any allergens. We recommend sending products via a tracking delivery service. A full set of terms & conditions relating to the National Chilli Awards can be found here. A guide to how each category will be judged can be located here. FAQs are here.


Entries for the National Chilli Awards 2022 close at midnight (GMT) on Friday 17th December 2021. All products must be received by Friday 31st December 2021.

Note: If you opt for the 7 or 15 category special offer, you will be able to state the specific catergories you are entering once your have successfully submitted your entry form.