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Cooking demonstrations & classes

Chilli is no longer an ingredient that people add to a dish for a kick. Our curiosity and desire to understand this fiery fruit has grown in recent times. People are now recognising the different flavour profiles of chillies and want to know more. We provide a range of demonstrations and classes that teach about chilli varieties, preparation, use and how to enjoy them at their best.

The most common request is to provide cooking demonstrations at events and these can be tailored to your audience. Whether we talk about rubs, sauces, curries, world cuisines or anything else related to enjoying chilli, we have options that suit virtually every market. We also provide one on one or group classes which can also be tailored to your needs. A number of our team come from catering, chef or food production backgrounds which allow us to provide a high quality and informative occasion.

If you are looking to provide a unique corporate/team experience or utilise us for your event or personal culinary education, please contact us to discuss.

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